BVN, your dutch TV station abroad

BVN offers the best of Dutch TV, making it the top Dutch-language public TV station abroad – free, and available all over the world 24/7. BVN is accessible online, via satellite, and via the BVN app.

BVN broadcasts through several satellites and can be received worldwide. For watching BVN on satellite, you’ll need a reception kit: a digital satellite receiver and a satellite dish. Check out your regional reception info on our Ontvangst page (or click here for English). BVN is also available on cable in the Caribbean, Germany, and many other regions. Are you going on vacation? A lot of hotels and accommodations have BVN on offer for their guests. That way you can watch BVN live in your hotel room or apartment.

You can also watch BVN online via the livestream and via the free BVN App.

News, sports and series
BVN makes a fresh selection every day of the best, most relevant Dutch-language TV programs broadcast by NPO: news and current affairs, sports, documentaries, series, events, and children’s programs.

The best of Dutch TV: you can watch it every single day at BVN, wherever you are. We offer the newscasts of NOS as well as Nieuwsuur and NOS Studio Sport Eredivisie. You can watch Spoorloos, Ik Vertrek, Wie is de Mol? and Flikken Maastricht. And let’s not forget the shows for children and teenagers, such as Sesamstraat, Het Klokhuis and many more. For recent program information, go to our Programma’s page.

About BVN
BVN is made for Dutch people who stay abroad for a longer period of time, such as emigrants and expats. Through BVN they stay in touch with the culture, language and news of their native countries. BVN is also available for people going abroad for shorter periods: for vacation or business, or to spend time in their second homes. This way they are kept informed of the developments in the Netherlands – and they won’t have to miss a single episode of their favorite series. BVN works for them at all the important moments: BVN connects, BVN is familiar, with BVN you feel right at home. From the Caribbean beaches to the Australian outback, BVN brings current affairs and culture from the Netherlands right into your home down to the farthest corners of the world!

Do you have a question or a request? Do you want to respond to a broadcast? Do you want to reach out for a complaint or a compliment? Check out our FAQ page. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send us an email at