BVN stops using the Astra 1L

BVN stops using the Astra 1L 19.2° but stays on the  Hotbird 13° east.

BVN, the public broadcaster for Dutch and Flemish citizens abroad, will stop transmitting via the Astra 1L 19.2° satellite.

For Europe, a part of Northern Africa and a large part of the Middle East BVN continues to transmit via the Eutelsat Hotbird 13° east satellite.

We understand that your organisation needs some time to organize reception via the Hotbird satellite. For this reason BVN will be still available on both satellites until September 19, 2018.

For cable distribution organisations: please adjust the satellite reception of BVN TV to the Eutelsat Hotbird 13°E.
For providers of satellite DTH subscribers: please adjust the settings of the satellite receivers of your clients so that they can receive BVN TV free to air via the Eutelsat Hotbird 13°E.

More details are available  on our website

After  September 30, 2018  BVN will not be available anymore via the Astra 1L.

BVN via the Eutelsat Hotbird 13B:

Satellite:              Hotbird 13B

Position:              13° East

Transponder:    115

Frequency:        10815 MHz

Polarisation:      Horizontal

Modulation:      DVB-S

Symbolrate:       27500

FEC:                       5/6

V-Pid:                   2011

A-Pid                    3011