A warm welcome for your Dutch-speaking customers

BVN Television is the Dutch-language public television channel for Dutch and Flemish people abroad. It is a joint venture of the Dutch and Flemish public television networks and broadcasts a wide range of TV programmes suited for the whole family.

News, sports, entertainment, documentaries and youth programmes are brought to you 24/7, without any commercial breaks. The programmes are broadcast unencrypted via satellite and can be received all over the world.

Businesses such as hotels or cable providers can pick up this free-to-air signal and provide it on their local network to Dutch-speaking guests and clients. On this website we explain what you need to do to receive BVN Television in your region.

Reactions from our viewers have been very enthusiastic, particularly when BVN is available in their hotel room. Providing BVN in the rooms means your Dutch-speaking guests will be able to watch their favourite TV programmes during their stay.