BVN moves to the Astra 1L

  • Why is BVN going to switch satellites?
    The contract for the Astra 1M satellite expires at the end of May this year.
  • When will BVN stop on the Astra 1M?
    On May 1, 2023, the broadcast will start via the Astra 1L. To give viewers ample opportunity to switch their satellite receiver in time to the new reception data, broadcasts will also be broadcast on the old satellite frequency throughout the month of May. From June 1, the broadcast via the old frequency will stop.
  • Who should take action to continue to receive BVN TV via satellite?
    All viewers who watch BVN with a satellite dish in Europe, North Africa and West Turkey.
  • I live in the Middle East/Egypt/Iran, can I continue to watch BVN there via the Astra 1L satellite?
    Unfortunately, reception of BVN via the Astra 1L satellite is not possible in the Middle East, Egypt and Iran. Please also see the map where reception of the Astra 1L is still possible:
    You can watch BVN online via the livestream or via the BVN-app.
  • I watch via the Astra 1M satellite, what should I do?
    To continue to receive BVN for free, you must tune your BVN channel to the new BVN reception frequency data on the Astra 1L satellite before the end of May 2023. You can easily do this yourself or have it done by your local satellite specialist. Look for the reception data at
  • Does my dish need to be realigned?
    The Astra 1L is in the same position as the Astra 1M: 19.2 degrees east. Your dish therefore does not need to be realigned.
  • My receiver cannot find BVN on the Astra
    You can have most receivers perform a search that reads all available channels. However, some recipients cannot find BVN even after a search.
    Your satellite receiver or HD television with built-in satellite tuner then only scans the transponders (channels on the satellite) from a list of preset reception values, such as the symbol rate. They are not always up to date. In that case your receiver will not find the BVN transponder. You must first enter the correct values ​​of this transponder in your receiver. The receiver can then also find the BVN transponder during a search.
    The important values ​​that can usually be entered separately for this:
    Frequency: 12515 MHz (or 12.515 GHz)
    Polarization: H
    Symbol Rate: 22,000 Mbaud (or 22,000 KHz or Kc)
    FEC: 5/6
    Consult your receiver’s manual on how to enter this information.
  • Even after manually entering the transponder data, my receiver cannot find BVN
    This can be caused by the dish not being optimally aligned with the Astra 19.2° satellite. Especially the so-called skew angle of the LNB, the angular rotation of the head in the dish, is very important. If the skew angle of the LNB is not set correctly for your location, the signals of the other horizontal polarization can cause interference in the digital BVN signal. Ask your installer to align your dish very accurately.
    As an example some calculated skew angles:
    Location           LNB skew angle
    London            -7.2
    Paris                 -6.7
    Bonn                -2.2
    Berlin               3.1
    Warsaw            8.9
    Oslo                 2.6
    Helsinki            10.8
    Valencia           -14.6
    Lisbon              -23.1
    Faro                 -23.7
    Playa del Ingles -39.8
    Rome                 0.1
    Athens             13.3
    Istanbul            18.6
    Antalya             22.4
    On the internet you can find programs such as Dishpointer with which the target data of the dish and the optimal skew angle of the LNB can be calculated for your exact location.
  • Can I receive BVN via Astra 19.2 satellite in Turkey?
    BVN can be received in Western Turkey via the Astra 1L 19.2 degrees East satellite.
    It is important that the LNB Skew angle (angular displacement of the LNB) is also set correctly.
    The following dish sizes are recommended for the following locations: Location Minimum dish size LNB skew angle
    Istanbul 70cm 18.6°
    Antalya 120cm 22.4°
    Ankara 120cm 23.3°
  • I look via Canal Digital but cannot find BVN via the Astra 19.2
    BVN can be found with Canal Digital receivers on channel 57. If BVN cannot be found on this channel, the receiver must first receive an update of the channel list. The Canal Digital website explains how you can load the channel list at the various receivers.
  • I can’t reset my receiver, who can I contact?
    If you are unable to do so, please consult a local satellite installer.
  • What are the reception data of the Astra 1L satellite?
    Satellite: Astra 1L
    Position: 19.2° East
    Transponder: 1.105
    Frequency: 12515MHz
    Polarization: H
    Modulation: DVB S /QPSK
    Symbol rate: 22,000 Mbaud
    FEC: 5/6
  • I watch via a provider (e.g. cable): what should I do and when?
    Contact your provider/cable company and ask them to start receiving BVN on the Astra 1L as soon as possible. Has your cable company not received a message from BVN? Please report this to BVN via, if possible with the contact details of your provider, and we will contact them.
  • I receive BVN via Canal+/Canalsat/TNTSAT in France. Do I also have to reset the equipment?
    CanalSat/Canal+/TNTSAT use the Astra 19.2° satellites.
    So in principle you can receive BVN via this dish. It is possible that CanalSat/Canal+/TNTSAT will add the new data to their standard list of channels themselves, we will request this. However, you may need to have the receiver perform a search yourself or manually set the receiver to receive BVN.
    With TNTSAT receivers you must first enter the details of the BVN transponder in order to receive BVN. See the question about the receipt data for this.
  • Need help?
    For adjusting your equipment, such as setting up the receiver, we advise you to call in a local installer.


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  • What is the reason that BVN will stop distributing via some satellites?
    Up till now, the high costs of satellite distribution could be shared with Flanders, but as the Flemish financial contribution will be discontinued, we will, unfortunately, be forced to cut back on several expensive satellite contracts.
  • Which satellites will stop transmitting BVN in the short term?
    SES-5 (in Central and Southern Africa) as from 1 May 2021
    AsiaSat 5 (in Asia) as from 1 July 2021
    Optus D2 (in Oceania) as from 1 July 2021
    Galaxy 19 (in Canada, United States and Central America) as from 1 July 2021
    Multichoice/DStv (in Southern Africa) as from 1 November 2021.
  • We receive BVN via the Galaxy 19, is it possible to receive BVN via another satellite?
    If you receive the BVN signal via the Galaxy 19 satellite, your location may offer BVN via the Eutelsat 113WA. You can check the exact reception area of the Eutelsat in this footprint.
    If you are located within the reception area of the Eutelsat 113WA your reception dish needs to be redirected to this satellite. Please note that the satellite receiver needs to be DVB-S2 capable for receiving BVN via the Eutelsat 113WA.
    Via the website Dishpointer you can calculate the Dish setup data, like the Azimuth, Elevation, Skew etc.:
    (Please use for the Eutelsat 113WA its previous name Satmex 6 at 113 degrees west.)
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